Helping You Save


New cars are big purchases for anyone and it’s always smart to search for ways to save cash on your new vehicle. At orange county dodge, we’re happy to offer a variety of ways in which customers can save on their new cars. First of all, we often offer special deals throughout the year, centering around events and holidays. We also offer year-old models on the lot that are still new and can often be purchased for a small part of the cost of the newer one.


Additionally, we frequently have special deals that people advertise in the local paper and you can also find them on our website, OC Auto. We also offer special pricing on accessories and parts. By visiting us for your routine maintenance and service, there are always ways to save money whenever you buy a new car and you could actually even continue spending less over the lifetime of your vehicle. The dealership must do any normal service for the first years,. That is many times whenever you buy a new vehicle, the warranty’s policy. By sticking with this policy, you’re saving yourself money when anything transpires with your car because, when you keep to the guidelines set out in the warranty, your vehicle could be covered. You can also be sure that you’re getting the best gasoline consumption when experts at our service center work on your car or truck. We can make sure that your vehicle is obviously using the correct oil which your tires are filled to the right pressure to ensure you’re getting optimal miles per gallon. You can also talk to your salesperson about additional ways to save at the time of purchase. There are periodically financing specials available as well.