Can’t Miss Cars to Get If You’re A Musician

There are tons of stuff that go into becoming a professional musician. Let’s set aside the years of tedious practice, striving to be the best at an art form that so very few people appreciate. So many people who are inferior both musically and technically than you are at your very same instrument are making millions off it yet you might be struggling. It doesn’t seem fair. And it isn’t fair. But aside from all of that, what else goes into becoming a musician? You have the logistics side of things and when it comes to logistics, just about the most important things you can look at is how to get around town for your personal gigs, within town and out of town. You’ll need to have a car that is great for both. So, what’s the ideal cars to your musician way of life?

Honda Fit


The Honda Fit is one of the more versatile cars which we can think about that a busy gigging musician should consider. First, of all, it’s a hatch back so you can get your upright bass, or your drum kit, or maybe you 1000 pound guitar amp in there no issue. That alone makes it an incredible car for everyone and anyone. Add into that the fact that it’s a Honda, so it’s got reliability going for it as well. If you roll-up to the venue, no one’s going to mock you for having a gramma car or some sort of vehicle that will repel the ladies away, also, the Fit is a nice looking car, so. The Honda Fit is a fantastic choice and we couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Honda Odyssey


Then there’s the ladies favorite, the Honda Odyssey. What makes the Odyssey such a great car for the musician? It’s a cushy mini van for one therefore you know it’ll be able to hold all the gear you could ever want except if you have some sort of elaborate light show, but by then you’ll be on a fleet of buses anyway. If you’re gonna do some runs outside of town, the Odyssey can house all the gear and the band, and also not kill you at the fuel pumps, also. This is actually the best car for someone who is going to take this career seriously. , like the Fit, it’s a Honda, so you will know it’s gonna last and get you there without issue.again and in addition

Nissan Cube


I know what you’re thinking: you wouldn’t be caught dead inside a cube. And you’re not wrong, this stuff are top tier ugly. Also how well it handles on the road, though but when we first saw the Cube at Nissan Fontana after our initial laughing in hysterics, we took it for a drive and were pretty impressed with not just its comfort. It’s amazing that they would design this vehicle being so horrendously unattractive, but because of that, its cost is below what might otherwise be and so you will get those savings. Take a test drive today at Downtown Nissan.