2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series & SLS AMG Electric Drive – First Drive


Who will have thought so many variants could spin off from the SLS AMG? Just 3 years down the line looking at the launch, the SLS family now has five models to pick from.

If the new Black Series is the Evil Twin, then the Electric Drive is its green conscience. The fastest and first all-electric supercar will go into production in May, hitting European showrooms in July but with a whopping 416,000-euro (about $540,000) price.

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive status display

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive display

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive battery meter

Until you acquaint yourself together with the terminology of electric cars, the specification can be baffling – battery content of 60kwh and a maximum charging load of 600kw seems like the specification of your local power station rather than transportation.

Do the math, however, and also you discover this battery capacity equates to the equivalent of 730hp and 738 lb-ft to all four wheels. Thus, despite its hefty 4850 lb curb weight, the Electric Drive launches to 60mph in 3.9sec, just .2sec behind the 563bhp gasoline-powered Mercedes-Benz SLS.